Take control of your products’ safety and quality and protect your brand with Aspirago. Our system lets you proactively address potential safety and quality issues; communicate instantly with your suppliers; and help ensure you are getting the real audit results. You can also make instant global changes to your quality and safety requirements and use our real-time insights to hone your quality and safety strategy.

Developed over 10 years with NSF International, a leading food safety organization servicing the needs of retailers for nearly 70 years, we have created a comprehensive solution for you that goes beyond just document management to address all of your unique quality and safety needs.

Aspirago truly puts you in control of your products’ safety and quality. Our robust data analysis system intelligently interprets supplier audits so you can go beyond compliance and start addressing more advanced safety and quality issues. You will be proactively notified of non-compliances and potential issues so you can correct them quickly with all your suppliers before it turns into a serious problem.

Intuitive and easy to use, the Aspirago dashboard gives you a quick overview of all your supplier audits around the world. Uploaded directly to your system by the auditor, you can be sure the data you’re seeing is truly the auditor’s assessment. Aspirago provides audit companies tools to easily provide detailed data. Accessing this data with our analytical tools allow you to take a deeper dive into reports and address issues before they happen.

Aspirago Solution for Retailers has the following features:

  • Manage Supplier information such as facilities, documents, products, and audits
  • Supplier on-boarding and validation
  • Automatically set your own food safety compliance rules for easier operations
  • Central audit and compliance database even while utilizing multiple service providers
  • Automated workflow with personalized alerts helping smooth information flow
  • Tools for audit companies for better visibility into previous audit data and conduct effective audits
  • Flexible audit templates to easily make changes to the food safety audit criteria and enforce the right template usage
  • Closed loop corrective action management with workflow from creation to approval
  • Automatically generate and send audit reports, corrective action reports, and reminders to suppliers
  • Easy to use snapshots and dashboards to see real time supplier compliance data
  • Ability to trend the non compliances to proactively identify issues before they become big problems.

Find out how we can configure Aspirago to meet your unique needs, visit our Product Features page.